Business and Management Consulting

Company Directorship

  • Ongoing compliance with the Australian Corporations Act 2001
  • Effective board collaboration and CEO support
  • Strategic Planning
  • Management of Fiduciary risks
  • Business Continuity

Corporate Finance/Investment

  • Cashflow management and optimisation
  • Key financial ratios
  • Passive income strategies
  • Investment portfolio design
  • Trading and Hedging opportunities
  • Asset maximisation


  • Hardware and software solutions
  • Cyber security
  • Automation
  • Digital imaging and workflow processing
  • Distributed/cloud operations

Strategic Change Management

  • Business-unit strategies and integration
  • Resource reallocation
  • Growth reignition
  • Performance improvement
  • M&A and divestitures
  • Business sustainability

Corporate Governance

  • Board cohesion and effectiveness
  • Director talent development
  • CEO selection and evaluation
  • Board performance and success measurement
  • Adherence to all laws, regulations and rules
  • Ensuring that appropriate delegation authorities and controls are in place

Culture Change

  • Top-down board-driven approach
  • Champion identification
  • Behavioral science backed
  • Integration diagnostics
  • Addressing toxicity
  • Cohesive subgroups and clique utilisation
  • Success measurement techniques

Non-Profit Advisory

  • Volunteer-based considerations
  • Federated models
  • Tax deductible/gift recipient status obligations
  • ACNC and legislative requirements

Client Testimonials

Testimonies are available on request from any of the following clients:
23 Broadway Pty Ltd *
Chilly Engineering
Greenline Energy Limited *
Interpoint Pty Ltd
Nexus Strategic Pty Ltd
NorgateData Pty Ltd *
NOSS Tasmania Inc. *
Perquisite Investments Pty Ltd
St Vincent de Paul Society (Tasmania) Inc. *
St Vincent de Paul Society National Council of Australia Inc *
The Scout Association of Australia *
The Scout Association of Australia Tasmanian Branch *
TimeZulu Pty Ltd *
* currently active clients